Undead Man Lover

Undead Man Lover is the game I worked on for the 2013 Global Game Jam at the NC State location.

The jam started off rough due to a nasty winter storm, which prevented us from meeting on Friday night. We did pitches/team formation thru a combination of mumble, google+, and a wiki. Thankfully the roads cleared up enough to open the jam site on Saturday around 1 pm and we were able to jam in person for the rest of the weekend.

How to Play

  • As one of the last humans alive, you need to love you some zombies to save the human race.
  • Revive zombies and help the un-undead escape thru the portal.
  • Zombies love beating hearts, distract them with yours.
  • Spells and running take a toll on your heart.


This game can be played with a keyboard or a gamepad.

Keyboard controls:

  • Arrow keys – Movement.
  • Z – Revive the nearest zombie.
  • X – Repulse nearby zombies.
  • C – Meditate to calm your heart.

Gamepad controls:

  • [Left Stick] – Movement.
  • [A] – Revive the nearest zombie.
  • [B] – Repulse nearby zombies.
  • [X] – Meditate to calm your heart.


Download either the full package or just the game.

You need the XNA4 redistributable package to play the game:


The theme was [sound of a beating heart], and we had initially been stuck in a rut creating ideas that were just ‘it’s like X but’… ‘ you manage heartrate’ / ‘in a heart’ / ‘to the beat’. After a few of these, Nick and I threw some heart-related words into the venerable madlib generator and went thru the list.

“Undead Man Lover” was one that immediately clicked, although some of the off-theme ones looked good too (maybe for a future jam…). Our final game ended up surprisingly close to the initial pitch, with only a shift from a post-apocalyptic cityscape to a fantasy setting due to art availability.



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