Absolute Terror

Absolute Terror is a 3D PC game published by Crystal Interactive in 2001 and developed by SymbioSys Software (now Neko Technologies).

From the manual (i.e. from Ben’s twisted sense of humor):

In Absolute Terror, you venture into space, the last best hope for Earth in their war against rebelling colonies on distant worlds.  Or maybe they’re aliens; hideous space-monsters who threaten all mankind. No, no, actually, they’re definitely rebelling colonies – not that it really matters.  What really matters, of course, is that you get a state-of-the-art spacecraft (with big guns), a sarcastic co-pilot (with big… uhhh, nevermind!) and a license to blow things up in a spectacular and over-the-top fashion!

I wrote the scripting engine and many of the special effects used in the game while working for SymbioSys.