Guided Content Optimization for Gears of War 3

I gave a talk at the East Coast Game Conference this year titled “Guided Content Optimization for Gears of War 3”, which went over pretty well.  The slides are available here

The talk was about the processes and tools that we developed/extended to help make Gears of War 3, covering our philosophy, memory and performance feedback loops, and some of the tools that help gather, process, or visualize performance data.

The talk was intended for a more general audience, but there are lots of UE3 specific documents on UDN that dive into more detail:

Ultrasonic sensor visualization

I got a pair of nice SRF-08 ultrasonic rangefinders for a robot project some time ago and decided to test them out with a PC first. I built a I2C adaptor for the parallel port and wrote some logging/graphing code to display the time-of-flight for the first eight echos returned.

Nothing fancy, but it was interesting to see how different obstacles affected the readings, and I added a little ‘Theremin’ mode for fun, where the first echo determines the frequency of a tone.