Planes on a Snake

This past weekend was the 4th annual Global Game Jam, and we hosted a site in the triangle again. I was an organizer this year, but I still had plenty of time to jam, creating Planes on a Snake with my team. The theme was a picture of an ouroboros, which we interpreted by setting a shmup on the back of the world serpent.

Brief Play Description

A rift in spacetime has resulted in a large number of World War II era planes getting stuck on the world snake.
Join the frequent fliers club of Ouroboros Airlines, racking up points while taking advantage of the torus nature of your new environment.

(video contains some strong language)

You have three weapons at your disposal:

  • Single shot – the default weapon
  • Spread shot – Three times the fun
  • The Lazër – A beam weapon that goes to 11

You progress thru the weapons as you collect powerups dropped by fallen enemies.

Once the meter is at least half full, you can activate the lazër, which fires until your reserves are depleted.


  • Bullets will fly around and around forever, so watch out for crossfire from your own shots.
  • Earn more points by hitting adversaries with shots that have been flying for a long time.
  • Death is transient on the world snake, both you and your adversaries will eventually respawn.
  • Make as many points as you can during the time limit to earn your place in the frequent fliers club.


  • Stephen Hodgson
  • Scott Jacobs
  • Luv Kohli
  • Michael Noland
  • Chris VanderKnyff
Additional graphics by
  • David Gervais

Original GGJ page.


Download the game or source code.