Pixelated Martini Roller

Pixelated Martini Roller is a game that I worked on during the second Triangle Game Jam with Nolan Walker and Vincent Scheib.  Brad Acree did the awesome title screen artwork and the music is by STU.

You play an angry drunken olive off to discover the meaning of live, or something…

The theme for the game jam was mad libs.  Everyone brought three lists of five words and we randomly generated game titles at the start of the jam, then we came up with and pitched ideas to go with the best names until we’d coalesced into teams.  I highly recommend this mechanism to anyone thinking about hosting a game jam.

The game plays like time attack mode in a classic 2D platformer: you run through the level and need to hit each of the checkpoints along the way to finish.  However, you won’t make it very far sober, the olive has to soak in alcohol in order to make some of the jumps.  As the olive gets intoxicated, you can jump higher and run faster, but the superpowers come with some downsides: the screen becomes pixelated and the music distorted as the drunk-o-meter fills up.  If the olive gets wasted, you actually lose control and cannot accurately jump or run until it sobers up.

I built the level editor (it’s built right into the game and you can toggle back and forth during gameplay), the checkpoints, the drunk-o-meter, and game flow logic (title screen, gameplay, editor, win screen, etc…).