Robotender Mk. 1

Robotender is a robotic bartender. It can mix any quantity of 9 different liquids together to make a wide range of drinks. The touch screen allows a recipe and drink size to be selected and it will then be poured. If a recipe contains any ingredients that aren’t currently loaded into a reservoir, the screen will instruct you to pour that one in manually. One of the most enjoyable drinks to pour is a Long Island Ice Tea, which causes 5 reservoirs to activate in quick succession, and only needs to be topped off with a touch of Cola for color.

The system works with a set of pressurized reservoirs and electronically controlled solenoid valves.  When a valve is activated, the pressure forces the liquid out and into the glass.

Conceived of many years ago and built in the fall of 2008.

Full system test (Dec 4th)