Boops, Beez, and Bears

In Boops, Beez, and Bears, your voice is your weapon: hum, whistle, laugh, or cry – whatever works for you, just do it fast! It’s a cross between between a horde-mode survival game and a participatory art experience; best enjoyed with a crowd, who are likely to be amused by your vocal antics while avoiding the annoying beez.

You are armed only with the vox 9000 weirding module and must survive 10 increasingly difficult waves of derpy beez and grumpy techno-bears.

Download the game (and source code / assets) at the GGJ game page.

Created for the 2017 Global Game Jam at the UNC / NC IGDA jam site by:
Michael Noland (Twitter: @joatski)
Nick Darnell (Twitter: @nickdarnell)
Nich Mebane (Twitter: @Sweet_Niche)
– Travis Thompkins (Twitter: @prezthompkins)

All content and new code created for the jam is placed under a CC0 license by the jammers.

Additional credits / licensed content:

  • SharedJamUI is used under the zlib license, (C) Michael Noland
  • kissfft is is used under the BSD license, (C) Mark Borgerding
  • Several assets were used from various free UE4 samples (Stylized Landscape, Infinity Blade Content packs, etc…), some of which are only licensed for use in UE4. ┬áThese include most of the environment props and materials, the particle effects, and the bear.
  • Some CC0 assets (e.g., monkey icon) from
  • Bee model (CC0 asset) from TriflingMemory
  • Code by eXi used as a starting point for the audio processing
  • Microphone icon (CC0 asset)